Our menu ...

…offers a variety of delicious dishes, which are prepared with love for every single guest.

We always serve typical Austrian dishes with fresh ingredients, such as Viennese boiled beef (leg meat or shoulder cut) or crispy breaded Viennese fried chicken with potato-leaf-salad, a classic in the Austrian cuisine. 

Dishes such as the famous "Fleischlaberl ", which are baked meatballs Viennese style with homemade mashed potatoes, and oven-fresh young pork roast with potato dumplings and bacon are served - coleslaw may also not be missed. My menu constantly consists of a variety of dishes, so you can discover something new every time you visit. 

We also always offer special seasonal delicacies, such as Heringsschmaus, Austrian solo asparagus from „Marchfeld“, various mushroom dishes, local vension and our famous geese. Because of the popularity of our geese dishes, I may ask you to make a reservation as early as possible to make sure you will get a table at your favored date and time. 

We will gladly inform our regular guests personally on weekly specials if requested. 

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Our menu, daily specials, list of beverages and wine list are available below as pdf-files. Unfortunately, for the time beeing, these lists are only available in German. 


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